About Me

I am expert in the following fields.

Contact Center

Software/Hardware project management and Operations.

Accounting and Finance

QuickBooks SME, Business Loans, Residential Mortgages, Cards Processing, and Factoring.

Business Development

Wireless communications (cellular and satellite) and Real Estate (residential sales and property management)

I'm accountable for:

I'm a one-man band at the moment and I'm looking to growing my team. My activities include, but are not limited to:

Business Development

Responsible for maintaining, creating new opportunities for growing the business and optimizing existing accounts through lead generation. Consistently provide excellent

Talent Sourcing

Follow up on leads to determine and source the best potential job candidates Identify and interact with potential passive candidates

Career Coaching

In my experience in finance, business development and technology project management, I’ve learned many lessons that I love to share. 


Here is what my customers, peers, teammates, and managers experienced while working with me.